Dwelling in Possibilities



Credits to: jeejeesaafir.com

A long time ago, I dreamed of a thousand possibilities that filled my heart-both with fear and exhilaration.

Fear because the thought of actually wanting something so badly is like standing at the edge of a cliff. For a moment, you’ll be paralyzed on the spot, trying to decide whether to take the plunge or not. And even if you know that you will be met by certain death when you choose the latter, it doesn’t  completely wipe the idea out of your mind.

Exhilaration because there is that impossibly bright light ahead, luring you to come closer and daring you to take the chance to find out what’s there. Suddenly, there’s courage in your heart that push you forward, and you know you will be doing just that no matter what the outcome will be.

There was one of those possibilities that really stand out in my memory, even after all these years.

I thought, it was the next thing to impossible. I tried so hard to get it out of my mind, to completely drive it out of my system. I’ve succeeded. I can actually get trough a day without thinking about it.

And then one day, it simply hit me head on.

I was terrified. I didn’t know how to react. I didn’t know how to  deal with it when it was no longer a cherished dream.

It’s real.

Maybe, the beauty of it is that, it was so unexpected. It was gloriously unexpected.

And I let myself be carried away by that gentle stream. My fears are calmed. My fluttering heart now glides gently.

I’m holding the evidence in my hand that dreams sometimes has a strange way of appearing in life. But when it finally does, it is all worth  it. And guess what?

It opened a new door to another possibility. And I’m going to meet it with open arms.

No more fears, no more doubts, no more insecurities.

There is no room for all of that when you dwell in possibilities.


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