Life’s Priceless Treasure-Friendship

As I ponder about my mundane existence, I came across this question:

What are you most grateful for?

This is one of those queries that I can readily answer. I’m grateful for the people who came into my life and made a mark, who touched my heart and stayed with me after all these years.

I’m grateful for their kindness, their company and their trust to open the doors of their lives and let me in without conditions. I value friendship more than anything else in this world. Most of my friends go a long way back in my childhood days. And even after all these years, we are still inseparable. I hope it will stay that way forever.

Some people may have crossed my path and left quietly in a short time. But they helped shape me in so many ways that I wouldn’t have been the same person I am now without them.

Humans are such fascinating creatures. They are not easy to  understand. You’ve got to peel off every layer to discover who they really are. That’s why I make it a point not to judge people too harshly. We may never know what they’ve been through. We will not always know their past and what molded them into who they are. And sometimes, they put this impenetrable wall around themselves to hide their vulnerability.

I like meeting new people, getting to know them and letting them enter my world. I love it even more if I managed to leave a mark into theirs. Once you become a part of my life and I give you my trust, you will find a loyal friend for a lifetime.

10 thoughts on “Life’s Priceless Treasure-Friendship

  1. You can’t stay in your corner of the forest waiting for others to come into your life. You have to go to them sometimes… this is the hardest part of friendship.


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