You spend your days pining for someone who is oblivious of your existence, and one day you just wake up and realize how foolish you have been. Right there and then, you could have slapped yourself, but what’s the point? It won’t change the fact that you wasted a good part of your life trapped in a fantasy where everything is all about rainbows and butterflies.

You fell into a deep oblivion, unaware of the harsh reality that cocoons the world. Sometimes, you ask yourself.

Is he worth it? Did he deserve the sleepless nights and the gloomy days you went through? Did he know your world revolves around him? And if he does, did he even care?

But love is supposed to be that way. At least, the kind that’s pure and true, It’s supposed to be selfless, unconditional. It’s supposed to be freely given without asking for anything in return. Love knows no boundaries. You have to give your all.

And you very well know that with love comes pain. At the end though, you have to ask-why do I have to love so much? 

5 thoughts on “Heartbreak

  1. It’s one of those things that probably causes more pain than happiness until ilk meet that right person. It seems pointless to me half the time


  2. Hi, David. Thank you for taking some time to drop by. I don’t check my blog regularly. 🙂 Anyway, heartbreak may be too painful but eventually, we will learn to accept it and come out as a better person. Don’t lose hope of finding the right one.


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