She looked at him, and her heart ached. His beautiful head was down, his shoulder slumped and never in this life had he appeared so vulnerable. Tentatively, she touched a hand to his shoulder.


He looked up, his eyes bleak but dry. She knew better as her gaze drifted on his handsome face that the grief was terrible. He’s just being Liam, always striving to show a strong facade and hiding his pain as much as he could.

He squeezed her hand, silently reassuring her that he’s fine. She sat next to him on the warm sand, not caring if her Sunday dress will be ruined.

He put an arm around her shoulders, pulled her close to his side as if she needed comfort. Or he did. She felt his lips dropped a light kiss on her hair, then he sighed deeply.

Silence passed between them for a long time. They simply watched the waves playfully kissing the shore before gleefully going back to the sea. The sun was slowly sinking in the horizon, bathing the sky with a glorious explosion of colors.

When she finally see the first twinkling star, she decided to break the silence. “It’s okay to cry, you know.”

At the corner of her eye, she saw a muscle twitched in his throat. “I can’t.”

To be continued…

Note: I’m always writing down fragments of stories in my mind but it seems like I never get to finish them. So please, don’t curse me if this story won’t have a conclusion. You have been warned.

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