A man’s imagination has no limit. Often, we conjure fantasies in our heads that take us nowhere. But it brings immense relief from the pains of life, because even for just a while, we managed to escape reality.

I have always been an imaginative child. I make up stories in my head. I was often drawn to the bizarre, the mysterious and the odd. I love the thought that there are still too many things in this world that can’t be explained despite the advances in modern technology.

My favourite past time is spinning castles in the air. It’s time-consuming, but it takes me far away. I can never forget the exhilarating feeling I have whenever I fall into those trances.

I have too many illusions than I care to count. Some of them are turned into written stories that I only keep to myself. Others are so amusing to reminisce at times when boredom is killing me.

That’s why I love this quote from Mark Twain:

“Don’t part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.” ― Mark Twain

I don’t know if I can go on living without those illusions that get me through the trying times of my life.


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