When Illusion and Reality Collide


Is it a crime to like someone?

My sister and I had a girl-to-girl talk last night. It was one of those conversations that would have go on for hours if we can only have our way.

I told her about this guy I like, whom I can’t really name right now. And I’m sure that if I do, you’d give me an incredulous look as if I suddenly sprouted horns.

When she heard my story, the other line went silent. After what seems a lifetime, she heaved a sigh. And I know that once she starts to speak, her voice will have that tinge of exasperation and annoyance which are always present when I tell her something crazy.

“You can go on dreaming ’till the sky kiss the earth.”

A nice advice from someone three years younger than I am.

I laughed out loud. “Seriously though, is it a crime to like him?”

She said, “It isn’t. But it will be if you harbor hope that it would be more than a stupid fantasy.”

I smiled. But deep inside, there’s that tiny prick of hurt. Why do I always want something way out of  my grasp? Why can’t my eyes settle  to someone who’s within my reach?

The irony of life. Well, if I can’t change it, I might as well enjoy the experience. Being a dreamer, I can always go on spinning castles in the air.



2 thoughts on “When Illusion and Reality Collide

  1. Sounds like your sister is just trying to protect your heart… I know exactly what you are talking about though…. (guys do the same thing when we dream about a certain someone in our lives…)


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