Bad Hair Days


There are times when I’m just too much of an anti-social. I wanted to be left alone. Talking to anyone feels like a great effort on my part, and I did not even notice that I’m back to my serious self.

I guess I just miss some people in my life…like my sister and my closest friends.

Things are just different when you live so far away from home. I’m so used to the thought that Β the people I trust the most are just one ride away. Or one bed away just like when we were still in the dorm.

Still, I think I have to loosen up a bit. It seems like I always have my guard up all the time. People might get the wrong idea that I’m angry or something.

And yes, smiling won’t hurt. I love getting smiles from everyone. πŸ™‚



5 thoughts on “Bad Hair Days

  1. I had to chuckle at the title… as you can see by my avatar, I’m bald. πŸ™‚

    I do get the “leave me alone” thing though. I don’t have many days like that, and I am a social beast, so people around me react very strangely when I’m abnormally “quiet.”

    Hang in there.


      1. I don’t have MANY days of ‘quiet’ but I do need them every blue moon. My coworkers take note and they usually let me have those days.


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