Who Are You?


When you’re too caught up with your daily existence, you tend to lose the person you really are.

When you’re too busy looking at the bigger picture, you forget the little details that really matter.

Did you ever wonder if the reflection you see in the mirror is the same person that you know?

Sometimes, I have that dilemma too.

I doubt the kind of person I become. I lose the sense of purpose, the drive to be who I really am. I confuse it with the one I want to be.

You see, there’s a big difference between who we really are and the person we aspire to be.

So, what do I do when I’m losing track of the real  me?

I ask questions about myself. I remember tiny details that  make up the person I am now.

I discovered that I can be fiercely independent, if I  put my mind into it.

I love being alone, doing things my own way.

I only got angry at people who are closest to me…and that only includes my family and friends.

When I’m simply angry, I lash out and swear.

When I’m furious, that’s when you have to run for cover. (Just kidding! Haha. My sister always tell me how scary I am when I’m really angry. I give them the cold shoulder. I can survive not talking to them for days.)

I am always calm when people around me are in chaos.

I love disorder. When things are so neat before my eyes, I can’t think properly.

Music soothes my nerves.

I’m terrified every time I’m in a public place and there are too many strangers around me.

I’m an introvert.

Reading keeps me sane, and I love it as much as I love writing.

I’m never a morning person. I always wake up late, and waking up early sends me into a bad mood.

I always try to be nice to anyone, not because I have to but because it just feels right.

I treat people the way I want to be treated.

I always respect people who are older than me, and anyone who deserves it. Respect, after all, is earned.

Seeing beggars and old, weary people gives me a heavy heart.

I love liberal thinkers.

I have an inner rebel in me.

Sometimes, I find it fun to be purposely contrary.

I love questioning things, especially information that the media feed on us.

I don’t always believe everything I hear and see.

I love the idea of magic, faeries, occult, supernaturals and anything that defies science.

I talk to myself, a lot.

I’m complex. I’m complicated. I’m unpredictable. And sometimes, I even find it hard to understand myself.

I don’t trust politicians, military and policemen. I respect them, but I can’t trust them.

I have this strong sense of justice. But in this time, the kind of justice system that this world has is not something I believe in.

I have this desire to redeem those who are wrongly imprisoned, accused or punished.

I tend to look for the good side in everything. Even the most despised sinners in this world must have done at least a single good deed in their lifetime.

I don’t like public figures who are too perfect. I often wonder what they hide beneath the surface.

I hate technicalities.

I don’t fear death, but I fear losing my loved ones.

I abhor any kind of killing, no matter how justified.

I don’t want to get too attached with anyone who are not already in my life three years ago.

I find peace and solace in nature.

I’m a probable lunatic. Because despite everything I wrote, I don’t think I completely understand the person I am.

Maybe, you can take it from there. Have a good night, fellas! 🙂


One thought on “Who Are You?

  1. Hi , beautifully said ,we intend some times to forget what is important in our daily life.Thank you so much for liking my post ( Don’t rush…..) warm regards.jalal


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