Those Timeless Italians

Azzuri, for always. 🙂

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I always wonder, if commercial interests have not taken over from passion as the key ingredient in football followership. My reason? There is always a buzz when a new young player is discovered. Ronaldo was hot cake; Messi a Phenom, Muller is turning heads, with Gotzë in hot pursuit. Neymar has done nothing yet, but is arguably the most valuable player on the planet. His main asset? He is young

Till the scales started to fall off the eyes of the gunner faithful, Arsene Wenger was held in high regard for always finding the young uncut diamonds (most however turned out to be just worthless carbon). The rush for young players has even given age grade tournaments a life of their own. Scouts and agents, clubs and coaches, corporate sponsors and sport brands are at every one of them to find the next big thing.


Some of the most…

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