Chasing Dreams

Winding Road to Autumn
Winding Road to Autumn (Photo credit: Visualist Images)

It’s amusing how our dreams change throughout the course of time.

I can still clearly remember when a five year old me told my mother how I wanted to be a nun someday. She laughed at me and said, “I bet you’ll change your mind in a few years.”

Well, she’s right. It did not even take years. By the next month, I informed her with all seriousness that I’d very much want to be a teacher.   She simply smiled knowingly and shook her head, her eyes twinkling with amusement.

Alas. When I reached high school, I switched preference once again. I’d rather be a journalist, I said.

It’s what I took up in college, but I did not major in journalism. I’m more in broadcasting, which is ironic, since I’d rather write than speak out my mind.

When I graduated and found work, I ended up in a publishing company instead. It’s not really my absolute dream job, but it’s close.

I get to do something I really love and get paid for it. So, what more could I ask for?

To be honest, I always have trouble knowing what I really want.

It seems that I simply get on with life without a particular direction. I don’t want to feel too comfortable with where I am at the moment, because if I do, it will start to lose its luster. I’d want to move on and seek new adventures.

Oftentimes, I’d rather let the wind blow me off course, then maybe I might end up where I’m always meant to be.

It’s terrifying, I know. But there’s also the thrill of not knowing where you will end up.

You’re free…free to fly away or chase your dreams.

It’s your choice.

All you need is to be wise.









3 thoughts on “Chasing Dreams

  1. Dreams are a wondrous gift that allow our hearts to stay young. We can do anything we want in our dreams. Some of them even come true. I like your stories. Thank you for sharing.


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