Thank God, Tomorrow’s Friday

English: Rainbows at Clytha
English: Rainbows at Clytha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some days are better.

Some days are fun.

Some days are filled with laughter.

Some days  I can’t even smile.

Some days I think of you.

Some days I curse you out of my mind.

Some days are special.

They make me think of rainbows and butterflies.

Some days are gray and lonely.

They make me hate the clouds and the rain.

But today I only want to dream of you.

And someday I wish this dream will come true.

Er…a lame attempt at poetry. I guess, I have to admit, it will never be my cup of tea. 🙂

PS The title has no connection to the poem. Pero please, walang basagan ng trip. 😀

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