Doodles and Scribbles: The Cat and the Mouse

The balmy summer breeze was a complete contrast to the humid atmosphere of the dingy shack.

A lone figure stumbled inside, silently closing the heavy oak door behind, then slumping forward into the heap of grimy clothes where a curious mouse sneak a quick glance underneath a lavender fabric.

Carrick saw the mouse, and his hands fisted at his sides. It was all he could to keep himself from reaching out and seizing the poor creature. His hunger is overpowering, but he has to wait.

He caught a glimpse of the first winking star. “It’s about time,” he thought.

Closing his eyes, he embraced the excruciating pain. After what feels like a lifetime, a tabby cat sat in his place.

It opened its eyes, searching for its anticipated dinner.

But its hunger turned to astonishment when it saw a beautiful woman in lavender gown where the mouse has been.

This one’s my entry during our team’s mini contest. The parts which are in Italics are the given scene. We have to make a hundred word story from there. My team mates are really imaginative and talented. I wish I can post their stories here as well. It’s fun. 🙂

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