When is Criticism Bad?

“Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”
― Bob Dylan

Out of boredom, I suddenly turn to reading book summaries and reviews from a particular site.

I was astonished to find so many ratings and reviews from avid book readers, and I observed how they vary from opinions to preferences.

What I can’t understand, though, is the fact that some people who clearly don’t care for a certain book would make a review out of it while admitting that they haven’t gotten past chapter one. Are they kidding me? If I profess to hate a certain book, I won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, much less be bothered to rate and review it.

And instead of saying something about the book, why it’s a good read or not and enumerating the good or bad thing about it, they proceeded to give lengthy paragraphs about how much they loathe the book without really giving the reason why. Others even gush how they would  like to change the ending because they are not satisfied and would rather resort to fan fiction because of their huge disappointment. Oh, Lord.

Alright. Some of them did write good reviews, and a few of them I bothered to read even though I have a fairly good idea about the book. They pointed out the clichés of the plot, the flatness of the characters, the loopholes throughout the story and the writing style of the author. But for the life of me, I can’t take them all seriously.

They have this air of arrogance as if their tastes are way superior to all that they take it upon themselves to trash some good literary works. Seriously, they even think Gabriel García Márquez and Carlos Ruiz Zafón are no good. But maybe, to each his own.

I just wish  that they would pay more attention to their writing. Some of them can’t even tell the difference between “there” and “their” but they have the gall to criticize the authors’ grammar and vocabulary. And please, may they refrain from mentioning that they’re an English major, an English teacher and a writer?

For those who claim how disappointed they were when a certain book turned out to be far from great than what they expect, I hope that someday they would come around into writing their own masterpiece. I wish them luck, and may they indeed write something far greater than the book they consider tasteless and flat.

From now on, I’m deaf and blind from all critics. I can choose any book I’d like to read, movies to watch, music to listen to and sports people to idolise. I think I can very well tell which one will appeal to my taste better than anyone else.

8 thoughts on “When is Criticism Bad?

  1. “…some people who clearly don’t care for a certain book would make a review out of it while admitting that they haven’t gotten past chapter one…”

    Does twilight count? I didn’t get past the second chapter. For me honestly, it was that bad. >.<


  2. Nice post ,about reviewing books,beautiful observations.Thank you for liking my post ( Religious freedom ).Have a nice weekend,Jalal


  3. The quote of Bob Dylan,made me think about your post.Even before criticizing a person should look in a mirror whether that reflection is perfect.Thank you for liking my post ( You were created beautiful..) My best wishes.jalal


  4. Life is too short to read a book that you hate when there are so many books out there to love. I can’t understand how someone would slog their way through a book they dislike so much, and then write a review. Seems like a waste of time to me,

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