Despair, Regrets and Glimmers of Hope

Time moves too swiftly, as swiftly as a silent bullet you haven’t seen coming until it hit you and you feel the searing pain.

But unlike the bullet wound, it’s not pain you feel after you realized that years passed by much too quickly. There’s the severe panic clutching your heart like a tight fist would, and eventually, there’s the inevitable regret.

Questions will sail through your head, a series of “what ifs” and “if only”. And it would only leave you filling up the emptiness inside with conjured fantasies of “what could have been” had things took a different course.

But sometimes, it’s kinda waste of time to fret over the things which already happened and way beyond your grasp. Whatever you do, no matter how much you want to, you can never bring those lost moments back.

You can only look forward and move on. And of course, try to accept that some things just don’t go along the way you desperately want them to.

And that, my dears, are easier said than done. Although, it won’t hurt to try, right?

You’re not alone on that crusade.  We all have inner demons to fight, wounds in our hearts which are not completely healed, scars to carry with us from the battles we go through. We have hopes turned to ashes, dreams crumbled to the ground, wasted tears and heartaches we’d rather forget.

But it doesn’t mean we’re weak, nor does it make us less human. It goes to prove that we can feel, that we hurt, we grieve, we despair. And from the rubble we find ourselves in, we can always get up again and face life with renewed hope, look fear in the eyes and face the battle with our heads held high.

Nothing’s impossible when you see the brightness in the darkest places, the good in the bad and the reality in all the illusions.

Well, I wish you all a good luck, the good one.



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