She makes a pretty picture.

Standing at the cliff and facing the raging stormy sea.  She looks like a witch, a solitary one at that.

No wait, she is a witch. And she is alone, apart from the gnawing grief that threatens to break her apart.

Her hair cascades in her back, a waterfall of sun-kissed gold, glimmering in contrast of the pitch-black darkness. Her emerald gown billows around her slender frame as the wind mercilessly whip with a vengeance. Her eyes, two pools of sea green mystery, unwaveringly gaze at the horizon. Her lips quavered, and she bit the bottom to hold back a sob that escaped her throat.

Is this how one’s heart breaks?

They say that with love comes pain, but why does she have to love so much?

She closed her eyes, a mistake that she should have seen coming.

A face vividly formed in her mind. A face she can never forget in a thousand years.

Ebony black hair, untamed and unruly, frames an incredibly handsome face. His cheekbones have the aristocratic slant, emphasizing his beautiful eyes. They are the deepest shade of green, reminding her of the emerald mountains and the rolling hills of Ireland. And when she looks at them, she can almost feel herself drowning into their depths. His nose is long and narrow with a trace of arrogance that perfectly complements his sharp features.

And then there are his lips, thin and sensual, quick to smirk or sneer. But he never smiles, not even a slight twitch of his lips. For that, she’s even more bewitched.

When a witch finds herself ensnared by an ordinary human with his mere presence, then she’s in serious trouble. It could be she’s downright naïve, or simply out of her mind.

He has no place in her world, nor does she in his. They are two poles apart, as different as night and day. He doesn’t believe in her kind, and she doesn’t trust his race.

It was destined to be doomed the moment they’ve laid eyes on each other, but her foolish heart harboured hope that there is a chance for them, despite the great odds. What a wishful thinking, a yearning of a romantic fool who knows next to nothing.

And now she’s mourning, mourning his loss. If only she let him go. If only she let her heart bleed and let him walk away.

Too many mistakes, too many regrets. Will she bear another day without him in her life?

With a bitter laugh, she opened her eyes. She came to a decision where there’s no going back. With a sigh, she stared at the vast stormy sea.

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