You are alone, too far apart from the rest of the world to be bothered, shrouded from too many prying eyes, protected from too many nagging voices. You are tired, too tired to even lift a finger and brush the wayward strand of your hair that the wind playfully tease from behind your ear. You are losing hope, or maybe you already did. You are resigned to your unfortunate fate to even care about redemption. There’s none for a sinner like you. Not even a chance to lay down your defense and voice out the aching of your heart. And when there’s no longer hope, then life is over before you even realize it.

But what can you do? How can you stand firm against the greater good? How can you continue the fight when you don’t even have the armor and the sword? You were stripped of everything, pride, courage and all. Once you were hailed by many. Once you were raised too loftily that you can look down at everybody with your sharp, arrogant nose. Once, you were a legend worshipped in whispered awe in many shores.

You are a prisoner of the past, shackled by the error of your ways and chained to the loud plague of your conscience. Your burden is too heavy to bear that you wanted to go down on your knees and surrender. But the world is too cruel to you. They won’t let you up, won’t even let you ease your pain. They jeered, they leered, they taunted. There’s no room for compassion in their blackened hearts, not even for an ounce of mercy. They kicked you even harder when you were already down, and kicked you even more when you struggled to get up.

You are being made to pay for your sin, but what was really your sin?

The crusade to change the long chain of tradition? The long-time struggle to resist the law of men? The campaign to widen the views of the conformists?

Indeed, to be different, to dare to stand out against the common belief of the many has a great price. You can’t question, you can’t argue, you can’t justify.

Freedom is but a mere illusion, created to give false hope to the gullible. You might be free, but you can never fly away. Your tongue is hushed, your ears are covered, your hands are tied. Only your eyes can see, and you suffer in silence.

No one would sympathize; no one will move to help.

In this struggle, you are alone. Forgotten. An ancient history throughout time. They will never recognize what you were, who you were before. In their eyes, they will only see a defeated man, a jaded warrior not worth a second glance.



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