There are those who were born with a poet’s heart, such were their love for poetry that they breathe and live the rhythmic words. Some were gifted with the rare talent to string the words together and create something extraordinary, something that ripples and breathes with unsung melody, something that echoes the quiet yearnings of the heart and soul. Poetry mirrors the elemental feelings of humanity, from grief, sorrow, joy, anger and hopelessness; and brandishing a quiet yet potent touch to the most mundane, turning it into something bizarre and unexpected. But not all appreciate the strange workings of a poet’s mind, and only a few understand the unusual beat of neatly threaded words and take them for what they really are. Some people wouldn’t even go as far as the first line, for the words may either be too deep or too peculiar for their ordinary taste. Some would even say the metrical words are too dull and boring it lulls them to sleep. But there are those who read poetry to quench their thirst and appease their hunger for wisdom and knowledge, and it became a reflection of the longing and desire kept hidden deep within their hearts.


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