“You’re walking in the rain, sugar.”

She halted her steps and turned with a saccharine-sweet smile on her lips. “Don’t worry, I won’t melt.” She noted how breathtaking he looked, standing casually in the covered walkway with his signature boyish smile in place.

He suddenly took off his baseball cap and started walking towards her. “Then I’m going to walk with you.”

“Suit yourself.” She said and simply walked on without looking back.

He reached her side in  few strides, which is not impossible with his long, lanky frame. They walked side by side without uttering another word. The silence is ringing, but it’s a beautiful sound.

By the time they reached the path that leads to their neighborhood, they’re already dripping wet. Yet they don’t care. The raindrops felt like velvet to their skin, soft and shimmering like diamonds.

She doesn’t know if he can tell that she can’t breathe when he’s this close to her. And there he goes, almost perfect in all his splendid good looks. She stole a glance at him, only to be startled when she found his eyes on hers. Their gazes collided.

Her heart seemed to still for a few golden seconds. Maybe, when God decided to shower the world with good looks and charm in the form of rain, he’s the only one standing outside.

He’s so handsome and too good-looking for a girl’s defenses, saved only from the burden of perfection by his slightly crooked nose, a souvenir from one of his teenage exploits where some foolish boys his age tried to beat him up after he managed to score all the goals in a soccer match.

“Well, aren’t you looking prettier each day, sugar?” He suddenly said out of the blue.

She snorted and chose to remain silent.

“Don’t you believe me?”

“If I know better, that’s a standard line you say to every girl you meet.”

He laughed. “No, just to girls I want to charm.”

“Sorry, but it isn’t working with this particular girl.”

“You always have a way of trampling my ego to the ground.”

“It’s necessary,” she smirked. “Or else you’ll be like all those other guys. There’s nothing more important to them than their monumental egos.”

“Do I have to thank you for that?” He sounded royally annoyed. “If I have to be honest, I’m going to tell you something I never had the nerve to say before.”

“What is it?”

“You’re just another face in the crowd…”

She kept quiet for awhile. “Well frankly, you’re just another jerk up the street…”’

“…whom I’d die to live next to.” He added quietly, at exactly the same time she mumbled under her breath, “…who managed to take my breath away.”

They looked at each other, stunned and temporarily speechless.

“What,” she asked incredulously. “exactly do you mean by that?”

He shook his head in exasperation. “Hell, I like you, you idiot! How long will it get into that thick head of yours?”

Her eyes widened. Her mouth gaped open. Then she finally regained her senses and managed to say. “And I like you too, you moron! So, what are we going to do about it?”

He held her still with his hand on his shoulder, then he simply turned her around to face him. “Simple,” he whispered before his head swooped down. “This.”

That’s all he said, and his lips claimed hers with a passion. She felt wonderful and so alive she felt her bones melting.

When they broke apart, the magic of the moment still remained, making the surroundings explosive with rainbow colors. At least, in their eyes. With a contentedly happy smile in their lips, he walked her home.

Author’s note: This is something I wrote when I was in college. When I read this again after three years, I want to laugh out loud. This is silly. But I am silly oftentimes, so I guess it’s alright. It’s nice to know we can be foolishly happy at times.

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