Chance Encounter

There you are again, in your usual splendour that never fails to take my breath away. My heart skipped a beat. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach. My eyes never left your gorgeous face as you made your way into my side. I greedily drank in your sight, as if any moment you’re going to disappear.

Afraid that after all, you’re just a dream…a very beautiful dream.

But then you smiled, and my world seems to stop. I’m suspended in a moment I’ve only imagined in the nights of my sleep. Somehow, I’m so scared to believe you’re real ‘coz you’re too good to be true. But when your eyes met mine, I’m drowning into their depths. And nothing would have removed my doubts more than the longing I see in them, the longing which I’m pretty sure reflected in my own.

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