Hey, Daydreamer!

People say I’m a dreamer. My head is always floating somewhere, out of the world. And most of the time, I don’t get half the things done once I start weaving fantasies out of thin air. (An excerpt from the confessions of a certified daydreamer. J)

Have you ever been caught staring at space with a glazed look in your eyes? Have you experienced being at another place, at another time without actually getting out of your seat? Have you ever been told you’re an idealist, too busy to deal with the reality because your head’s up in the clouds?

Well, you must be one of them-daydreamers. More often than not, you spend most of your time spinning fantasies in the air and loosing your one hundred percent attention while in the middle of doing something. Sometimes, you become too unproductive, failing to get your job done. Your friends must have thrown a puzzled glance in your way whenever you fall into an abnormally dream-like state, forgetting everything and everyone around you. Only, they are too tactful to say anything about it. Worse, you must have been caught red handed by your teacher at least once, gazing right through her as your preoccupied mind took off in some kind of a made-up world while in the middle of a class discussion. Uh-oh.

But hey, don’t fret! You’re not alone in that particular predicament. Silly old me is also guilty. *bite my lip* Actually, I’ve been at it since time immemorial I can’t tell you exactly where and how I began, or if I will ever put an end to it. Like my incurable addiction to romance novels and my undying obsession to Harry Potter, daydreaming took a deep root at my system it would take more than a lifetime to rid me of it. Really, I’m not kidding.

Weaving castle in the sky has become my forte. I can do it without even closing my eyes. My mother often reminds me to pay attention and to maintain my focus, but it seems like I always get lost in some kind of a dream world. Like Shawn Gallagher in the novel “Tears of the Moon”, I rarely ever come out of my dreaming to know what’s going on outside the world I mentally built. I was told once that I could accomplish more tasks if I could put practical considerations before my so called ideals. Somehow, they hit a nerve.

But my stubborn mind has reasons a no-daydreamer cannot comprehend. They don’t know that sometimes, it’s my way of getting away from the thorns of reality. I may do it by scuttling or scampering away like an idiot, or gracefully gliding away into blessed oblivion with my dignity intact. The bottom line is that, I got away unscathed. (Advising me to consult a shrink will get you nowhere. I don’t need any psychoanalyzing at the moment, thank you.)

Alright, I’m some sort of an escapist. But I’m no coward. It’s just that there are points in my life when I have to get away from it all, to lick my wounds in silence and to bask in the comfort my carefully self-fabricated world can offer before I have to find my way back and face my demons. We deal with reality in different ways. This is how I do it. I know what I’m doing, and I’ve never been trapped in pointless fantasies before so the whole thing is totally harmless.

After all, there’s a lot more to dreaming than just gaping off into the distance like some kind of a forthcoming madcap waiting for hallowed salvation. Nobody can accuse us of being sluggish, and tell us to start getting our lazy ass moving. (*throat-clearing* Excuse my language, please.)

 I mean, our hands may be idle but our minds are certainly working. Daydreaming can actually be a good mental exercise. Mind you, it can sharpen your lethargic brain some more. Plus, dreaming takes a good imagination and sheer creativity. Not everybody is entitled to that. *wink, wink*

So, the next time some people point a finger at you and call you a dummy head because you’re staring transfixed into the distance and sighing like a drama queen, then give them a piece of your mind. They must have heard of the saying, “Silent water runs deep”. Cliché it may sound, but it rings true for us daydreamers.  Sometimes, our silence can tell them that we have better thoughts in mind.

We are the kind of people who never get contented with simply accepting the way things are. We dream of a better world, think of many ways to have better selves. The key word is- better. We believe we can do better, so why settle for anything less? Who says we can go with the flow when we can craft another road to get us where we wanted?

Dreams have no limits and cost nothing. So, go on, start dreaming and don’t be afraid to aspire bigger and higher. Remember, nothing is impossible if you’ve got enough nerve. (But dreaming about Harry Potter becoming real and marrying Shawn Gallagher of Ardmore someday is another story. We can talk about it some other time. *winks*)

Daydreaming…dreaming won’t lead you astray if you couple it with guts and the unbreakable belief that you can do something more. You can reach brighter stars and build bigger castles in the sky, and hopefully make them all real. All you need is faith in yourself, and in God who knows what’s best for you. And of course, do something about it. Do you expect your dream to simply materialize in front of you while you’re lazily sitting in your comfortable world, merely dreaming the hours away? Tsk, tsk. We’re no sorcerers, mates. And our world is absolutely no Hogwarts.

I bid you daydreamers, good day or goodnight, depending on whichever part of the globe you are in. I’m out of here. You see, I got some catching up to do in the dream world. ‘Till then! 


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